September 11, 2007

Supersilent – 6

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[Rune Grammofon; 2003]
Imagine a singular sound, surrounded by endless leagues of nothingness in every direction. A cluster of waves with nothing above, below, or around it. There is nowhere to go, but infinite possibilites of how to do so. No rules or restrictions, just free-flowing audio waves which roam at their own will through space. And so this is how the music on Supersilent’s 6 behaves. As each track progresses, each individual musician pushes this figurative shape of sound outward and around in whatever direction they see fit. Occasionally everyone will go seperate places altogether and all at the same time, expanding the musical scupture in an array of directions. Other times, all of the players will join together in painting and pulling the sound towards a single area across the vast empty canvas that they begin with.

The key to enjoying this music is to be able to sit and let these spontaneously constructed audio formations play out in your head, content to allow the music take you wherever it sees fit. The band members seem to hold this same idea, as they never rehearse or compose any of the tracks that appear on their albums, or even converse amongst themselves verbally about ideas, but rather prefer to just let the music carry them through lengthy improvisations as if it has a mind of it’s own, an invisible conductor sending wordless commands to each of its four limbs to create beautiful sounds through their interplay.

Take for example “6.4,” which is perhaps the strongest track on this album. It follows the simple idea that a lot of post-rock holds, which is to start quiet and build to a climax (or two, or whatever). Supersilent, however, goes about this task in a different way than your Godspeed You Black Emperors and Explosions in the Skys. There is not a definite rise to said climax, and the music is not focused on getting there. Rather, it is focused on creating a warm aura of sound that is positively teeming with life. What happens is that it is bursting with so much life, joy, sadness, wonder, and energy that it just naturally reaches a climax on its own, as if it’s not even a choice made by the musicians.

I would reccomend this album to anyone who has interests in jazz, ambient, and post-rock, though this music manages to take all of these ingredients and create something completely new and different. 6 is absolutely inspiring to me because it represents music at its most basic level. People just feeling out each other and their surroundings on the spot and creating spontaneous songs to represent all of these unspoken interactions and feelings.

Keep a lookout for their upcoming album 8 (7 is a live DVD performance), which is supposedly coming out 9/17/07. If their recent career trend proves anything, then it will be a great album.

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