April 18, 2007

Boredoms – Super Roots Vol. 9

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[Commmons; 2007]
What a nice surprise it was when I discovered that Boredoms were not on hiatus or broken up, but were releasing an album this year! And it was to be the real deal! A full length album and a continuation of the long running Super Roots series, which has thoroughly documented the evolution of the band from their roots as a schizophrenic noise free-for-all into their current form as a smooth flowing psychedelic trance groove. In fact some might even go as far as to say that the most exciting thing about Boredoms is that you never know what you’re going to get next. They keep you on your toes like few other bands do.

Which brings us to this latest release, Super Roots Vol. 9. My first impressions are of the artwork, which is very nice looking. Seadrum/House of the Sun seemed to be lacking in this department, but now it seems the gang is back on top of things in the visual department. But we’re here for audio, are we not? We are. And the first thing to note is that this is a live album. One forty minute track of solid Bore-dom. Sounds amazing, right? Live Boredoms! New material!

Well, it turns out that the band has kind of got itself stuck in a hole. By displaying so many changes between each of their earlier works, when they put out something that sounds similar to their old stuff, it is a bit of a let down, even if the music itself is good. Vol. 9 sounds like a cross between Vision Creation Newsun and “Seadrum.” Borrowing the shimmering psych kaleidoscopic sounds and driving beats from the former and the meandering and less dynamic sound from the latter, this live performance certainly packs a punch in the fun area of the brain. Danceable grooves and endless clattering drum lines are thrown like a blanket over everything, and there is a constant momentum driving the music ever forward without even a second thought. Overtop it all, a choir of vocalists lay their droning chants…which is probably what sets this release apart the most from the group’s earlier works. Yeah, so not much different.

While this is certainly not a bad release, and hell, I’d even go as far to call it a good release, it is a slight disappointment for fans of Boredoms who are accustomed to being thrown for a loop with each new release. The real question to ponder here is whether or not the band has become stagnant. I suppose we will find out when their next installment comes out.

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