February 20, 2007


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DeerhunterBy now, any mildly internet-savvy music geek has grown wary of the indie hype machine that is Pitchfork Media. Their current project is Deerhunter. The site has their share of misses, but let there be no doubt they got it right this time. Deerhunter just released their second full-length (the band’s first on Kranky) to solid reviews from hipsters and hippies alike. This psych pop record, Cryptograms, actually started out as two EPs; one was more all-out craziness while the other was to be more pop-oriented. This amalgam works perfectly, particularly as a starting point for new fans.

The next step for those that dig the record is to find a way to take in one of their beautifully chaotic shows. Though their live act brings a lot more noise to the table, it bears the same spirit as the record—Deerhunter revels in being one of the last bastions of American psychedelia. And, yes, the front-man, Bradford Cox, is approximately 8’4,” 95 lbs, which gives him an ethereal presence (as opposed to the imposing one that is so often reported), which quite nicely suits the show.

Turn it up, FAGGOT!Deerhunter’s sudden rise to the relative indie superstardom will undoubtedly produce a desire for more material. The band is happy to oblige with a new EP already slated for April, but the real treasure of the Deerhunter’s catalogue is the self-titled debut (alternately and more elegantly titled Turn It Up, You Faggot!). Much more akin to their live shows, Deerhunter  stands as one of the best American noise rock albums in recent memory. Though the band still had psychedelic leanings, they could more accurately have been described as noisy post-punk with their roots clearly in Confusion is Sex-era Sonic Youth. Despite some studio effects like the distortion of Cox’s vocals, Deerhunter  does not have the sheen of Cryptograms—this is a grimy record straight from the depths of Atlanta’s suddenly fertile indie rock scene. As Deerhunter continues to climb in popularity, this record will become harder and harder to find–scoop it up while you still have the chance.

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