December 11, 2006

Black Pus

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It seems that Brian Chippendale has too much energy for this world. Since 1999, his two bands, Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer, have released a total of eight albums. But this is not enough for the spastic drum master. In between drawing comic books and album art, he has found time for a solo project, Black Pus, which has released three albums since its creation in 2005 on Chippendale’s own label, DiareahRama.

Black Pus is a jazz outfit in every sense of the word. It consists of frantic, ever changing, scattershot drum beats with heavy doses of tourtured saxophones dunked in steaming vats of noise. Ugly music, yes, but its utterly chaotic nature creates a quite enjoyable dark atmosphere. Let the endless streams of snare blasts and horn squelches flow over your ears, not worrying to pick out single notes, but rather viewing it as constantly shifting chunks of sounds. Best when played at ridiculously high volumes.

Judging from his musical catelogue, Chippendale appears content to break music down and rebuild it as he sees fit. Rarely fitting into existing categories or genres, he is a true innovator and is setting many new standards for noise and jazz music in the new century.

The first two albums (curiously titled II and I, respectively), are available for download at fauxfetus.net.

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