April 3, 2007


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[Psi-Fi; 1976]

Long songs are great sometimes. An extra lengthy track gives the artist room to take their time getting to places and fully flesh out all of their ideas. Sometimes you just need a six minute intro to set the mood properly. So much more can get accomplished in a half hour long epic than a three minute pop number (not that there’s anything wrong with a tasty pop tune every now and then).

Pyramid’s only album is simply one 33-minute long track, entitled “Dawn Defender.” Yeah, pretty intense right? In actuality, this music is much more laid back than you might think, judging from the aggressive nature of its name. Languid guitars are content to meander in circles for large stretches of time with no apparent direction in mind, while underwater keyboards paint visions of sea life gracefully swimming past you as you float in some lost subterranean lunar sea. This atmosphere continues to build upon itself gradually until around 14 minutes when a jerky jazz infected drum beat enters the picture and gives the music a driving purpose. The guitars and keyboards catch on to this idea and join in with the rhythm section, creating a smoothly swirling storm of sound as the song builds to a rather noisy jam of a climax. After this, all that is left is for the keyboard to carry us out on a lengthy and relaxing ending which is sure to leave the listener feeling good as the album comes to a close.

A good album for those who enjoy atmospheric music that isn’t afraid to waste time getting places. Add it to the great library of fantastic German progressive releases in the early to mid 70’s.

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